The company covers an area of 184,760 square meters, including a workshop floor area of 21,360 square meters (including purification workshop of 3170 square meters).The Maximum lifting capacity of the heavy container workshop is 100 tons.

The stainless vessel workshop
案例名称: The stainless vessel workshop
说明: The stainless vessel workshop
The heavy vessel workshop
案例名称: The heavy vessel workshop
说明: The heavy vessel workshop
200mm Edge Planner
案例名称: 200mm Edge Planner
说明: 200mm Edge Planner
Φ2.5m Vertical Lathe
案例名称: Φ2.5m Vertical Lathe
说明: Φ2.5m Vertical Lathe
20000 tons Pressure machine
案例名称: 20000 tons Pressure machine
说明: 20000 tons Pressure machine
Φ5m Vertical Lathe
案例名称: Φ5m Vertical Lathe
说明: Φ5m Vertical Lathe
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