HRV、RV type storage and semi-storage heat exchanger for life

发布时间 2019-01-08

Technical parameters:

Main technical parameters:

Hot water supply: 1T/H~60T/H ;
Primary heat source: Steam of high temperature water ;
Bearing pressure: 0.1~2.5MPa(normal) ;
Equipment volume: 1.0~20m3 .

HRV、RV type storage and semi-storage heat exchanger for life

Product Presentation :

Application range of product:

The product is suitable for living hot water systems of living area, hospital, hotel and school.

Product features:

* Full heat exchange. When steam-water heat exchange, discharge temperature of condensation can be decreased to about 50℃, and saves energy. When water-water heat exchange, single level heat exchange can exchange out hot water with required temperature under the conditions that thermal medium is low temperature water (70-80℃) and output water quantity is rated.
* Stagnant area of cold water at the bottom of tank is decreased to half of "volumetric water heater".
* Tank has small floor area, and space for drawing out pipes is small.
* Keeping advantage of small side water head loss at heating water of "volumetric heat exchanger", and being favorable for making cold and hot water pressures of the system balanced.

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