Teat exchanger unit of turbulent flow

发布时间 2019-01-08

Product features :

High heat transfer efficiency,heat transfer factor of heat exchange tube is 13 times of that of other heat exchange components;

Having automatic descaling capacity,being uneasy to form scale and saving energy;

Having the preventive capacity of thermal sress damage and long operation life;

Stable load,low noise,reliable performance,intellectual control and convenient operation;

Having strong working situation adaptability. 


Main technical parameters:

Heating area:1 million m2 

Hot water supply:500T/H 

Primary heat source:0.1~3MPa(normal) 

Equipment diameter:DN2500mm 

Equipment height(length):15000mm 

Pressure control way:Water supplement frequency conversion control/voltage regulation expansion control ;

Temperature control way: Intellectual control/manual control.

Product Presentation

Application range of product : The product is suitable for heating,air conditioning and hot water system of living area,hospital,hotel and school,and heat exchange fields in various industries such as power plant and petroleum and chemical industry. 

Teat exchanger unit of turbulent flow

Teat exchanger unit of turbulent flow

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