LNG storage tank

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Technical parameters:

Category of vessel category
Design temperature(℃)
(inner shell
/outer shell)
Full volume /m360
Fill level %95
Storage mediumLNG
Material of main pressure part
(inner shell/outer shell)
 / Q345R
Welded joint coefficient
(inner shell/outer shell)
 1.0 / 0.85
Thick /mm
(inner shell/outer shell)
6.85 / 9.45
Diameter /mm
(inner shell/outer shell)
Φ2500 / Φ3000
Heat insulation typeVaccum powder heat insulation
Structure typeHorinzontal type,gallus+radial support
Evaporation rate per day< 0.32% / d

Product Presentation :

LNG storage tank is a special product storing liquired natural gas,a particular kind of vessel,a part of Ⅱ、Ⅲ category of vessel.There are vertical and horizontal type of LNG storage tank on the structure in common use .There are mainly several kinds of specifications of vertical type of LNG storage tank of 5m3,10m3,20m3,30m3,50m3,100m3,150m3  and so on;There are mainly several kinds of specifications of horizontal type of LNG storage tank of 5m3,10m3,20m3,30m3,50m3,100m3 and so on.LNG storage tank is a double-deck structure,stores low temperature liquid of liquired natural gas,supports the pressure and low temperature of medium,its inner shell material is used low temperature resistant stainless steel(0Cr18Ni9) ;The outer shell is a protective layer of its inner shell,is made by means of general low alloy steel Q345R.Heat insulating layer employs heat insulating methods of filling in pearlife or high vacuum multiple wraps,and is highly vacuumized.

LNG storage tank

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