Ethylene storage tank

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Technical parameters:

Category of vessel category
Design temperature(℃)
(inner shell
/outer shell)
‘ 196 / 19.4/66
Full volume /m35.55
Fill level %90
Storage medium Liquid ethylene
Material of main pressure part
(inner shell/outer shell)
S30408 / Q345R
Welded joint coefficient
(inner shell/outer shell)
 1.0 / 0.85
Thick /mm
(inner shell/outer shell)
 8 / 8
Diameter /mm
(inner shell/outer shell)
Φ1400 / Φ1800
Heat insulation typeVaccum powder heat insulation(pearlife)
Structure typeHorizontal type, 
supporting low temperature 
heat insulation epoxy glass tube
+radial support
Evaporation rate per day< 0.35% / d
(On liquid nitrogen count)

Product Presentation :

Low temperature liquid ethylene storage tank is a special cryogenic vessel for liquid ethylene to store,its structure is double-layer vessel made up of inner and outer shell,is vaccum powder heat insulation type,may be divided into two kind of vertical and horizontal type,the material of inner shell is selected and used S30408, the material of outer shell is selected and used Q345R ,the interlayer between inner and outer shell is filled with heat insulation material-pearlife and is vacuumized.

Ethylene storage tank

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