Liquired petroleum gas storage tank

发布时间 2019-01-08

Technical parameters:

Category of vesselⅢ category
Design temperature(℃)50
Full volume /m330
Fill level %90
Design pressure1.77
Hydraulic test pressure2.21(Horizontal)
Storage mediumLiquired petroleum gas
(HS2 ≤ 100mg/L)
Material of main pressure partQ345R、16MnⅢ
Welded joint coefficient1
Thick /mm14
Diameter /mmΦ2400
Medium characterExplosive
Corrosion allowance1

Product Presentation :

Liquired petroleum gas storage tank is a common vessel for LPG to store,is mainly consisted of shell,head,manhole,support and various kinds of connecting tubes and pipes.There are liquid-phase tube, liquid-phase backflow tube,gas-phase tube, discharge pipe,safety valve, Pressure gauge,thermometer,liquid level meter etc.on the storage tank.

There are mainly several kinds of specifications of LPG storage tank of 5m3,10m3,20m3,25m3,30m3,40m3,60m3,80m3,100m3 and so on  .

Liquired petroleum gas storage tank

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