Natural gsa decompressing skid

发布时间 2019-01-08

Natural gsa decompressing skid

Product Presentation :

Natural gsa decompressing skid is mainly included pneumatic ball valve,high pressure filter,primary heat exchanger,primary pressure regulator,secondary heat exchanger,secondary pressure regulator, urgency block valve,exit valve,safety blow off valve, pressure gauge, thermometer,pressure sensor,temperature sensor and so on.Natural gsa is heated in the primary heat exchanger,its pressure is rugulated to 0.71.2 MPa by means of primary pressure regulator,and is ruduced to 0.20.4MPa by means of secondary heat exchanger and secondary pressure regulator(if exit pressure is ruquired lower,the third decompressing is just needed) ,afterwards is entered to a flowmeter to calculate flow.All pressure,temperature and urgency block valve in the decompressing statin is linked with tht central controlling system.The quantity of natural gas supply can be 100~3000Nm3/h.


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